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1 YEAR cycle - 5 modules, a year long furthering education program 

Facing unknowns this season such as sudden changes in restrictions or possible lock downs due to COVID 19 regulations, we have decided on a new module by module payment system. For each module we ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50 Euros. Individual module fees have to be paid two weeks before the module starts. Priority will be given to applications for the full season.



7 Day Modules (Module 1,2,5):





3 week & 6 day Module prices (this is valid for Module 3 in January and Module 4 in April):


1 week / 6 days: 


Budget 375

Regular 475


2 weeks


Budget 700

Regular 900


3 weeks 


Budget: 1000

Regular: 1300

All Prices include:

2-3 sessions per day, one half day, teaching team of 3 teachers and guest speakers, jams with live music, open studio space, talks, sauna, visit to dissection lab, movement artisans & lake studios library


50 Euro non-refundable deposit to confirm you registration. Full payment is due at the latest two week prior to each module. Last minute cancellations starting two weeks before module starts cannot be reimbursed. In case of illness (with doctor's proof) or family emergency we credit your fee to the next workshop minus the deposit. 


During all modules (except Module 2 & 4), a limited number of participants can be hosted at Lake Studios and nearby apartments which are within 5 - 10 min walking distance. Rooms are usually shared with one or two participants and include all amenities (shared kitchen, shared bathrooms). ​In the light of Covid 19 we might have to do adjustments in how we coordinate housing. We will communicate with you once your application has been processed.  

​Coordinated housing 20 - 30 Eur/night (changes may occur)


Module 1 starts at 10.30h on Saturday and finish on Friday 15.30h.

Module 2 and 5 start at 10.30h on Monday and finish on Sunday 15.30h.

Module 3: every week starts on Monday 9.30 and finishes Saturday 15.00 Sundays are DAYs OFF.

Module 4 starts Saturday 10.30 and finishes Thursday 16.00 

Questions? Contact us at

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