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Teaching and Ongoing Research

We are invested into detailed research of the body in motion and propose motion techniques and movement material  that inspires and trains a versatile, sustainable and ‘choice-full’ body that is capable to attend to and describe dynamic and complex processes in the body and while moving.

We are concerned with questions around critical and ethical transmission as well as health and longevity in all kinds of movement based careers and consequently devoted to ongoing research and pedagogy of movement training. We address injury prevention and are invested in continuously evaluating and evolving our training programs. In sessions we engage the body from various starting points which we see as puzzle pieces eventually composing the complex picture of movement.

Puzzle pieces can be an anatomical relationship, a biomechanical function, an architectural principle, the use of motoric masses or the notion of efficient energy recycling. We make these concepts palpable via different modes of presentation through images, video, models, hands on, partnering, improvisation or repeated movement patterns that can lead into more complex coordination moving through space or individual projects. The initial principle serves as a lense throughout a session for looking at one layer of the infinite complexity that is a movement. We keep theory and embodiment entangled as in learning through movement or moving while learning.

We promote a working environment where students can follow their individual learning curve, attend to their specific limitations, have time to work on necessary adaptations as well guiding them towards and through challenges. We intend to create modes of learning that integrate personal objectives as well as heighten awareness towards the practice in and as a group. We aim for creating an atmosphere that is inclusive and non-judgemental, helping students feel confident to explore and experiment, leading them towards a deepening of experiencing with themselves and others. It is important to us to offer tangible knowledge and clear motives for chosen principles or material. We truly enjoy being hosts and guides, facilitating an inspiring, joyous and rigorous program as furthering education.



-Kira and Antoine

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