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SAVE THE DATES for 10th season of Movement Artisans 


axis syllabus/contact improvisation/somatics 


Introductory Module


September 29 - October 6 2024 (1 week)

CYCLE 2025

29 December - 12 January (2 weeks)
February 24 - March 2 (1 week)
April 28 - May 4 (1 week)
June 9 - 29 (2 weeks + advanced level)
September 22 - October 5 (10 days + 3 research days ) 
for more information please look at our current our previous programs or write us at


Our program provides a modular professional education in dance and somatics continuously oscillating between practice and theory. We envision the body as a field for inquiry and research, soft embodiment and fierce physicality.


The curriculum includes integral components such as the Axis Syllabus, which provides a foundation for studying the moving body, and Contact Improvisation, a dance research practice involving partners or ensembles. In addition, each module hosts different somatic experts, scholars and artists opening a space for a wide range of approaches to knowing the body. The program offers insights as well as guidance, aiming towards a proactive co-creation of your own learning path. 


This season will further expand on the teacher & researcher training track which offers experienced students  a dedicated space for additional mentoring, research days and reading suggestions as well as practical tasks in between modules. On a rotational basis, selected candidates have the opportunity to facilitate a lab class and get feedback both from mentors and peers. 

"We promote a working environment where students can follow their individual learning curve, attend to their specific limitations, have time to work on necessary adaptations as well guiding them towards and through challenges. We intend to create modes of learning that integrate personal objectives as well as heighten awareness towards the practice in and as a group. We aim for creating an atmosphere that is inclusive and non-judgemental, helping students feel confident to explore and experiment, leading them towards a deepening of experiencing with themselves and others. It is important to us to offer tangible knowledge and clear motives for chosen principles or material. We truly enjoy being hosts and guides, facilitating an inspiring, joyous and rigorous program as furthering education"    Kira and Antoine

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