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movement training intensive


May 28 

June 5th


We are, Kira and Antoine, new members of the community around Lake Studios, an artist run performance, residence and workshop space and we are exited to invite you to 9 days of focused immersion into training and exploring within the Axis Syllabus research fields for movement technique, partnering and contact improvisation. 

This time we have invited Francesca Pedulla who is also an Axis Syllabus teacher, and who contributed years of research and analysis of traditional african dances to the AScommunity and Jörg Hassmann, well known and beloved teacher in the contact improvisation world, to join us. Their teaching and eternal curiosity inspire us deeply and we have collaborated, taught and researched together on many occasions. In phase 1 we will be joined by Johannes Anzenhofer, a sensitive and creative musician, who we just met recently and we could invite last minute to this event.  


The result will be a rich and intensive program. We hope that the sessions entangle, nourish and complement each other. In some evenings we will gather for Jams,a theory night or provide open studio space for experiments and spontaneous performance.


Lake Studios offer big and light filled spaces in a calm and charming neighbourhood surrounded by nature. The vibrant metropolitan heart of Berlin is just 45min away by public transport. 


Further we look forward to rest in the garden in between sessions, take you on a bike tour to small venice, dipping our toes in the lake, walking in the forest and enjoying each other.

We like to create a space and atmosphere where we feel comfortable to study, practice, reflect and take pleasure in being challenged.


Come and join us!



the program...



paleoanthropology and comparative anatomy

with Antoine Ragot



body mapping and internal dynamics

with Kira Kirsch



partnering & playful scenarios

with Kira & Antoine


walking and expanding

with Francesca Pedulla



contact improvisation

with Jörg Hassmann



reading and embodying physics

with Kira Kirsch

*evening program may shift around according to the groups interests and level of energy

The Axis Syllabus is a way of experiencing or practicing movement, a tool for teaching and the commitment to research, question and ongoing study. We are curious in the ability to create awareness in every instant of a movement without taking dynamic or the joy of dancing out of the equation. The ability to perceive a moment in more and more increments while moving, capturing minute detail and being aware of simultaneous actions happening in the body while adapting swiftly and creatively to changing external conditions. This connection between careful analysis and the pleasure of moving, dancing, improvising is what brings us together. It might be a key towards intrinsic motivation and deep learning. In adding different layers, perspectives and histories we aim to provoke an autonomous as well as collective inquiry and a possible (re-)connecting to the meaning of sharing and celebrating space and movement together. 





the TEAM...


the studio and surrounding...


Lake studios are situated in Berlin, close to the forest and to a big lake but it is slightly remote from the very center of the city. We really advise you to get in touch with us for accommodation as we can help you figure out a housing situation on site or close by for a reasonable price.


There are currently different options available including bungalows (2 and 5 persons) at the Müggelsee lake. They are 15 min away by bikes (in the forest next to the lake). Prices are 17 to 22 euros/night/person + 5 euros for breakfast optional. The bigger bungalows are equipped with a full kitchen and the smaller ones with a fridge and sink.


Here are some pictures: link


We can also orient you towards holiday /airbnb apartments in the neighborhood.


Please contact us before April 24th for accommodation!

the DETAILS...



Phase 1 & 2 May 28 - June 5

300 EURO

250 euros for the 8 first registrations!


Phase 1 May 28 - May 31:

170 EURO 


Phase 2 June 1 - 5:

180 EURO







If you cancel before May 9th we keep 30Euros for administration plus all additional costs that may occur due to int. transfers. 

If you cancel after May 9th we will keep 100 Euro to be able to manage basic costs and possible changes of the event. 

If you cancel after May 21st no refunds will be made.

Exceptions can be made with proof of illness or emergency.

Thank you for your understanding!



Scharnweberstrasse 27

12587 Berlin






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c/o Kira Kirsch & Antoine Ragot

Scharnweberstrasse 27

12587 Berlin


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