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 Furthering Education & Training in Dance, Somatics, Axis Syllabus, Contact Improvisation

Our program provides furthering professional education in dance and somatics which includes movement analysis, applied and experiential anatomy, biomechanics and physics for dancers, dance pedagogues, body workers, physiotherapists or other related professional fields. 

An essential part of the curriculum is the Axis Syllabus serving as a platform for a solo dance research practice and Contact Improvisation as a dance research form with partners or in ensembles. This education invites people with various movement backgrounds and experiences providing a deepening and continuing training leading students to become more skilled as movers and inspire as well as support their various projects of application or research. Each module weaves together a matrix of material that offers insights as well as guidance, and inspires autodidact studies.


This season we continue the inclusion of the teacher & researcher training track which will provide additional mentoring, study material & opportunities to get feedback as a facilitator of a class or lab. More info coming soon. 


We are also offering laboratory time which is a less facilitated space than a class for studying in our extensive Movement Artisans library,  experimenting and building models, entering small group discussions, exploring task oriented applications of principles, constraint led learning, complimentary physical practices etc.


Last but not least we invite other somatic experts, scholars and artists and we leave room for some surprises (outdoor sessions, jams, dissection…) to expand the modes of learning and experiencing. upcoming program --->

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