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axis syllabus in research & practices

5 module program



Module 1 : October 12 - 15 (4 days)

Knee / Spheres of Activity / Organ System (BMC®)

Module 2 : November 24 - 26 (3 days)

Undulatory Coordination / Shoulder Complex

Module 3 : February 22 - 25 (4 days)

Cervical Spine & Head / Contact Improvisation / Strength vs Coordination?


Module 4 : April 5 - 8 (4 days )

Motoric Masses / Applying Orientation Tools and Terminology / Cellular Presence (BMC®)


Module 5 : May 26 - June 3 (8 days)

Anatomical Center / Rhythm & Dynamic Arcing / Chinese Medicine / Whats New?

two spots left!


Kira Kirsch - axis syllabus

Antoine Ragot - axis syllabus

Nina WehnertBMC®

Jörg Hassmann - Contact Improvisation

Axel Does - TCM & Tui Na

Johannes Anzenhofer - musician...and more


  • Anyone looking for bridges between movement practice, theory and critical educational approaches

  • Movement teachers, dance artists, athletes, therapists or body workers wanting to expand or reconfigure their movement/teaching/healing practice and analytic abilities

The program takes place in Lake Studios in Berlin, a residential retreat setting, next to a beautiful lake and forest, where participants can soak in a stimulating and resourceful environment.


3 day and 4 day modules will start at 11am the first day and will finish at 4pm onSundays

9 day module times tba


Questions? Contact our registrar at

"We promote a working environment where students can follow their individual learning curve, attend to their specific limitations, have time to work on necessary adaptations as well guiding them towards and through challenges. We intend to create modes of learning that integrate personal objectives as well as heighten awareness towards the practice in and as a group. We aim for creating an atmosphere that is inclusive and non-judgemental, helping students feel confident to explore and experiment, leading them towards a deepening of experiencing with themselves and others. It is important to us to offer tangible knowledge and clear motives for chosen principles or material. We truly enjoy being hosts and guides, facilitating an inspiring, joyous and rigorous program as furthering education"    Kira and Antoine

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