3 modules of Axis Syllabus Research & Practices

Winter/Spring 2017

The first three modules are focused on fundamental concepts consolidated in the Axis Syllabus including a strong focus on Anatomy in Motion.

All concepts are explored on a kinetic, cognitive and creative level. Fundamentals also include the introduction and discussion of AS specific terminology and orientation systems.

Each module is composed of 2 to 3 workshops and open space sessions for individual coaching and personal practice and research.

A conference, a dissection class or anatomy lab visit, an osteopath and cranio-sacral therapist Nicole Berndt-Caccivio as a guest teacher, jams and other treats are planned to expand the modes of experiencing and learning.



MODULE 1: February 24 - 26

Focus on Feet/Ankle & Chronological Architecture

schedule: friday 1h30pm to sunday 4pm

MODULE 2: March 31 - April 2

Focus on Spine & Falling Mechanics

schedule: friday 1h30pm to sunday 4pm

MODULE 3: May 25 - June 2

 4 workshops: Pelvis/Hip Joint - Cranio Sacral Touch/Skull Osteology - Contact-Improvisation - Tone, Tension, Tissue Response

and special events and guests