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Professional Furthering Education & Training

4 module cycle 2021/2022 

Welcome to the 7th season of axis syllabus in research & practices at the beautiful Lake Studios in Berlin, a residential setting conducive to focused and creative learning processes. We are full of joy and hope to launch this next round without complications. Lake Studios in collaboration with Movement Artisans have received funding, an initiative to make COVID 19 related adaptations to transform the old carpenter storage into an outdoor dance studio which will support regulations on keeping suggested distances. Depending on limitations we will divide the group working in those two spaces. Additionally the studios have improved their hygiene measurements.


Our program provides furthering professional education in movement analysis, applied anatomy, biomechanics and physics for dancers, dance pedagogues, body workers, physiotherapists or other related professional fields. It may begin as a foundation for new students to the Axis Syllabus or provides a deepening and continuing training for the more experienced. Each module weaves together a matrix of material that offers insights as well as guidance, and inspires autodidact studies. This season we continue to closely collaborate with long time colleague Nina Wehnert who will accompany the Axis Syllabus inquiries with her Body-Mind-Centering perspectives.  


We are also offering laboratory time which is a held yet less facilitated space than a class for studying in our extensive Movement Artisans library,  experimenting and building models, entering small group discussions, exploring task oriented applications of principles, constraint led learning, complimentary physical practices etc.


Last but not least we invite other somatic experts, speakers and leave room for some surprises (outdoor sessions, jams, dissection…) to expand the modes of learning and experiencing. 


MODULE 1: Oktober 4 - October 10 2021 (7 days)

Chrono-logical archi-tecture / Channeling Forces / Touch & Improvisation / Principles of Motor Learning - mini lecture & lab / BMC®

MODULE 2: November 22 - November 28 2021 (7 days) 

Motion Centers of the Spine / Athletic Skills for Dancers / Rhythm and Dynamic Arcing for Movement Efficiency  / BMC®

MODULE 3: April 22 - 28  2022 (Friday afternoon - Thursday afternoon / 7 days) >>> FULL!!!

Bones Whispering - Paleoanthropolgy & Comparative Anatomy / C-Stars - from rolling to falling to flying / Alchemy of Walking Analysis / Dynamic Expansion - Craniosacral with Shannon Cooney

MODULE 4: June 6 - 25 2022 (21 days) >>>PROGRAM<<<


Week 1  Monday - Saturday

Interconnecting Legs and Arms Anatomically & in Coordination

Conserving, Harnessing & Recycling Energy (physics)

Balance, Flow and Ground/Nervous System - BMC® with Nina Wehnert

Field Trip to a Prepared Dissection Lab - Anatomy Institute of Charité University for Medicine 

Jams with live music 



Week 2 Monday - Saturday

Myofascial Communication 

Patterns of Coordinations of the Spine (biomechanics, evolutionary context) 

Contact Improvisation - Nita Little 

Jams with live music

Unfinished Fridays - work in progress with feedback process


Week 3 Monday - Saturday 

Polyrhythms in Body and Music (with live music by Johannes Anzenhofer )

Elastic Loading / Adaptability / Explosivity (tensegrity/ visco elastic qualities/athlétism)

Dreaming Body with Anna Nowicka


Lecture by Anna 


Jam with live music


Kira Kirsch (all modules)

Antoine Ragot (all modules)

Marianne Linder

Nina Wehnert BMC

+ guest teachers: Shannon Cooney, Anna Nowicka, Nita Little

+ guest speakers: Anne-Sophie Reichert, Anna Nowicka, Nita Little

+ live musicians: Barnbaby Tree, Alex Zampini, Johannes Anzenhofer



  • Anyone looking for bridges between movement practice, theory and critical educational approaches

  • Movement teachers, dance artists, athletes, therapists or body workers wanting to expand or reconfigure their movement/teaching/healing practice and analytic abilities

The program takes place in Lake Studios in Berlin, a residential retreat setting, next to a beautiful lake and forest, where participants can soak in a stimulating and resourceful environment.


We help to coordinate accommodation if requested (see application form) and are able to offer limited shared rooms directly at Lake Studio or within walking distance to the studio. 


REGISTRATION (see registration form below):

Continuing facing unknowns this season such as sudden changes in restrictions or possible lock downs due to COVID 19 regulations, we have decided on the module by module payment system. For each module we ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50 Euros. Individual module fees have to be paid two weeks before the module starts. Priority will be given to applications for the full season.





7 day modules

regular prices 500€ 

low budget 400




21 day module / intensive 

Sunday June 5 ARRIVAL DAY & welcome jam in the evening

starting time Mondays 10am

ending times Saturdays 2pm

Sundays OFF 

Saturday June 25th FINAL DEPARTURE DAY after classes end!!! 

1 week / 6 days: 

Budget 375

Regular 475


2 weeks


Budget 700

Regular 900


3 weeks 


Budget: 1000

Regular: 1300

All Prices include:

2-3 sessions per day, one half day, teaching team of 3 teachers and guest speakers, jams with live music, open studio space, talks, sauna, visit to dissection lab, movement artisans & lake studios library


50 Euro non-refundable deposit to confirm you registration. Full payment is due at the latest two week prior to each module. Last minute cancellations starting two weeks before module starts cannot be reimbursed. In case of illness (with doctor's proof) or family emergency we credit your fee to the next workshop.


During all modules, a limited number of participants can be hosted at Lake Studios and nearby apartments which are within 5 - 10 min walking distance. Rooms are usually shared with one or two participants and include all amenities (shared kitchen, shared bathrooms). ​In the light of Covid 19 we might have to do adjustments in how we coordinate housing. We will communicate with you once your application has been processed.  

​Coordinated housing 20 - 30 Eur/night (changes may occur)


Module 1,2 and 3 start at 10.30h on Monday and finish on Sunday 15.30h.

Questions? Contact us at

"We promote a working environment where students can follow their individual learning curve, attend to their specific limitations, have time to work on necessary adaptations as well guiding them towards and through challenges. We intend to create modes of learning that integrate personal objectives as well as heighten awareness towards the practice in and as a group. We aim for creating an atmosphere that is inclusive and non-judgemental, helping students feel confident to explore and experiment, leading them towards a deepening of experiencing with themselves and others. It is important to us to offer tangible knowledge and clear motives for chosen principles or material. We truly enjoy being hosts and guides, facilitating an inspiring, joyous and rigorous program as furthering education"    Kira and Antoine

JUNE 2022

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