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Movement Artisans are driven by an ongoing curiosity for movement research, the wonder of the human body and the art of transmission. Together, Kira Kirsch & Antoine Ragot bring many years of teaching through the lense of the Axis Syllabus. Their backgrounds in contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, improvisation, sport science, pedagogy and somatic communication build a rich palette of inquisitive material.

Kira and Antoine are masterful movers who have taken the Axis Syllabus far in its research and practice. They are both keenly trained with in-depth physiological knowledge, mechanical body based engineering, and physics of action. Their ability to turn toward research is mature and practiced. Their physical/mental intuition, ability to penetrate sensation to discern particular physiological languages, coupled with their ability to concentrate with a full spectrum of mental/physical reach is brilliant. I speak as if they are the same, but you will see that they are quite unique in their work … yet, as a team, they are superior in their individual and collective strength. - Nita Little, Ph.D.

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